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First man, really?

© Copyright

   Idea/Creative: @JeppeJensenDK

Respect/Credit: Hergé - On a marché sur la Lune (1953)

                Credit: NASA - Apollo 11 (1969)

Hello there! I’m Jeppe Jensen
– an Art Director / Designer and all-around restless creative

Just returned to Vejle after 2 rewarding years, at Kunde & Co. in Copenhagen, creating concepts and advertising. I care for the unique and what comes from the heart.

My work is based on big diversity and experience with: 
Concept development, branding, campaign, communication, visual identity and counting both film- and photo shoot.

For tasks or inquiries, do not hesitate.

See more here or Instagram for some random thoughts.

In my next life, I plan to pursue my dream of becoming an astronaut.

Mobile:     +45 41418000

Jensen Graphic Jeppe Jensen Graphic Design
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