Technological market leader in the development of hearing solutions,
which benefits people in more than 130 countries. The company is part of Demant, which has 14,500 employees worldwide.

Product launch and strengthening of the Oticon brand in general.

In my 2 years at Kunde & Co. I have worked with many different companies, brands and tasks.

Oticon was the one I worked with the most. Here I was part of a permanent team that continuously developed several concepts, campaigns, brochures, internal anchoring, photo shoots and films for Oticon.

It was at both product level and brand level, and therefore also B2B and B2C.

In 2018, we made the product launch of their best-selling hearing aid:

Oticon - Opn S.

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Most recently, we stood for Oticon's new and overall brand concept and strategy:
Oticon - Life-changing technology.

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