The largest town in South Iceland, and the main service centre of trade and industry. The distance from the capital is 57 km. Varied options are offered, for anyone who wants to stay in this friendly town.

City branding.

In 2018, a group of investors from the city of Selfoss in Iceland contacted and visited Kunde & Co.

Together with the city council, they wanted to re-brand the city and be the second-best known destination after Reykjavík in Iceland, since most tourists primarily stay in Reykjavik.

At the same time, they wanted to increase the influx of residents, as well as increase the pride among the locals. The city has several different historical features, but several new initiatives are also planned. Among other things, a new historical and cultural center is being built, with architecture and houses dating back to Iceland's first colonisation.

It was our job to develop 3 different concept directions for how the city could brand and reinvent itself.

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