The Kunde Competition.

The Kunde Competition brings students from business schools and creative schools together. In real life, competences need to merge - especially at the agency. "

- Jesper Kunde, CEO & Founder, Kunde & Co

From 0 to 100 in 48 hours.

In teams of both strategists and creative, we had to solve a current case for a company in just 48 hours. In this case, the kitchen company HTH.
In a reality where all the kitchen shops are more or less fighting for the same target group, we should create a strategy and a concept that could help HTH to secure a place in the future. Especially after IKEA in recent years has managed to become a very serious competitor, to HTH and other well-established kitchen companies.

We were 5 students in our group, and through a fantastic collaboration and hard work, we managed to be named winner of the Kunde Competition 2018.

The jury considered that we had combined the best strategy with the most compelling creative solutions, thus creating the potential for the strongest market position.

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